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Read with the Library: Reading List

Finally...Fall is here, and with it comes a season of outdoor exploration, learning, and celebration! Get ideas for spending Fall with your family, from activities and science ideas to printable funn! You can find these books at the Louisville Free Public Library!

Why Do Leaves Change Color?
by Terry Allan Hicks
Grade 1-5. Addresses the often mysterious phenomena of the natural world and the amazing behaviors and abilities of plants and animals.

Seasons by Blexbolex
Grade 4-8. A visually stunning book about the cycle of the seasons and the passage of time.

Red Sings from Treetops: A Year in Colors by Joyce Sidman
Grade 3-8. Color comes to life in this whimsical, innovative book by an award-winning poet and a brilliant painter, designed to inspire readers to look closer at the colors of the four seasons. Full color.

Exploring Fall by Terri DeGezelle
All Grades. Crunch! Put on a sweater and jump in some dry fall leaves. Cheer your favorite football team. Watch squirrels gather nuts. See how fall brings changes for weather, people, plants, and animals.

How do you know it's fall? by Lisa M. Herrington
Grade 3-8. These charming science books, written for the youngest readers, will teach children how to read the cues from nature and be able to differentiate one season to the next. Simple hands-on experiments that introduce young readers to everyday science Fun activities that allow young scientists to make observations about the world around them Fast facts -- offering fun, sometimes little known facts about the subject Low, accessible reading level for emergent and struggling readers