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Read with the Library: Spring 2014 Reading List

Finally...Spring is here, and with it comes a season of outdoor exploration, learning, and celebration! Get ideas for spending Spring with your family, from activities and science ideas to printable funn! You can find these books at the Louisville Free Public Library!

by David Webster
Grade 1-5. Presents a wide variety of projects and activities based on the theme of spring.

Spring by Cynthia Amorosa
Grade 4-8. Introduces the changes that come in the second season of the year, including warm but sometimes rainy weather, plant growth, baby animals and birds, a busy time for farmers, and the start of the baseball season.

Animals In Spring by Martha Rustad
Grade 3-8. Describes some of the activities of animals during the spring, including bears waking up, birds returning from the south, ducklings hatching, and honeybees leaving the hive.

Hurray for Spring! by Martha Hubbard
All Grades. Hurray for Spring! is a whimsical welcome to a child's favorite season. A delightful, rhyming text with lots of fun words-like jumpity, thumpity, scampering, and skittering-makes this a wonderfully cadenced anthem to spring. Adorable illustrations with larger-than-life details spring off the page. This fanciful book ends with a splash and will inspire little ones to explore their own springtime world.

Looking for Easter by Dori Chocanas
Grade 3-8. Little Bunny can sense something new in the air, and it smells like sunshine and warm breezes. "It smells like Easter!" his friends tell him. But Little Bunny wonders: what is Easter? So he sets out through the forest on an early spring day to find out... This sweet, simple story by Dori Chaconas conveys the spirit of the season through nature, while Margie Moore's gentle, detailed watercolors reveal the new life of springtime.